D Company, 2nd Battalion
1942 or 1943

photo from Susan Moellenkamp Saracino, daughter of
R. David Moellenkamp (D Co, 2nd BN, 1942-1945)
D Company, 2nd BN
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It is not known whether this photo was taken at Fort Benning, GA, or Camp Mackall, NC. Each man is wearing a parachutist badge, which they would have received in December 1942 at Fort Benning. They are also still wearing the General Headquarters Reserve shoulder patch, which means the photo was taken before June 1, 1943, the date when the 506th PIR was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division while training at Camp Mackall.
Front Row (Sitting L-R):
(6th man from the left):
Jack E. Miller
(9th man from the left):
Robert L. "Whitey" McKeithan
2nd Row (KneelingL-R):
(8th man from the left):
CPL Jack E. Mattz (KIA Holland)
3rd Row (Officers, Sitting L-R):
(beginning 3rd man from the left):
1LT Joseph F. McMillen (XO;
became D Company CO after Gross was KIA); CPT Jerre S. Gross (KIA Normandy); 1LT Walter Gunther (KIA Normandy)
4th Row (Standing L-R):
(6th man from the left):
Gilbert Van Every (awarded DSC for Bastogne)
(7th man from the left):
PFC Robert R. Blankenship (KIA Belgium)
(18th man from the left):
R. David Moellenkamp
(beginning1st man from the right): L. B. Chapman; Ray E. Taylor; PVT Walter S. Macauley, Jr (KIA Normandy)
Top Row (Standing L-R):
(10th man from the right):
Robert E. Gage
(11th man from the right):
Eric T. Groves, Sr.

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