E Company, 2nd Battalion

photos courtesy of Guy LEPRETRE, Belgian Office of the Forced Landing Association
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SSG Murray B. Roberts
Camp Toccoa: SSG Murray B. Roberts (KIA, Plane#66)

Luz & Wingett

(Right of guidon bearer): 1SG William Evans
(Wearing white towel):
George Luz; (Right of Luz): James V. Benton
(Tallest trooper, 4 back from Luz): William T. Wingett

On December 1-3, the 2nd Battalion, 506th PIR marched from Camp Toccoa to
Atlanta, GA
, a distance of 115 miles, where they boarded trains for the remainder
of the trip to Fort Benning. This march was described in a local newspaper article.

T/5 Ralph H. Wimer
T/5 Ralph H. Wimer (KIA, Plane#66)

Camp Mackall, NC
May 1943

1SG William S. Evans
1SG William S. Evans (KIA, Plane#66)

CPL Carl N. Riggs
CPL Carl N. Riggs (KIA, Plane#66) with an SCR-536 Radio

SGT Murray B. Roberts

Easy Company Supply SGT Murray B. Roberts

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