Pathfinders, 506th PIR

photos from Richard Sohanchyk, son-in-law of
Stephen Pustola
(F Co, 2nd BN, 506th PIR)

Normandy, June 6, 1944

Pathfinder Plane 4

Pathfinder Plane/Stick#4 (C-47 #292845) was subsequently shot down on D-Day and successfully ditched in the English
Channel, where these 2nd Battalion, 506th PIR Pathfinders were rescued by the British Destroyer, the HMS Tartar.

Holland, September 17, 1944

Currahee Pathfinders

Standing (L-R): PVT Charles H. Partlow (D Co, 2nd BN); 1LT Gordon O. Rothwell (D Co, 2nd BN);
James E. Benson (HQ, 3rd BN); SGT John Roseman (A Co, 1st BN); Del T. Ripple Jr. (HQ, 3rd BN);
PFC Carl L. Fenstermaker (E Co, 2nd BN); LT Gordon DeRamus (D Co, 2nd BN)

Kneeling (L-R): CPL Richard M. Wright (E Co, 2nd BN); Stephen Pustola (F Co, 2nd BN);
T/5 George H. Blain (HQ, 1st BN); PFC Lachlan Macpherson "Mac" Tillman (D Co, 2nd BN)

Currahee Pathfinders

More about Currahee Pathfinders can be found in the article: Brave Men of World War II


Pathfinder Plane/Stick#? (C-47 #315329)

Unidentified Currahees
Unidentified Currahees

Steve Pustola
(L-R): unknown and Steve Pustola (F Co, 2nd BN)

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