World War II
2nd Battalion, 506th PIR
HQ, D, E, and F Companies
(Dog, Easy, and Fox Companies; White Battalion)


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Officer Qualifying Jumps, Camp Toccoa, 1942  SGT Herman Hanson, E Co, 2nd BN  HQ, 2nd BN, LMG Platoon, 1942  Marshall C. Oliver, Medic, 506th PIR  R. David Moellenkamp, D Company, 1942-1945  Robert "Burr" Smith, Easy Company, 1942-1945  Warren "Skip" Muck, Easy Company, 1942-1945  Easy Co, 2nd BN, 1942-1943  115-Mile March to Atlanta, December 1942  115-Mile March to Atlanta, December 1942  C & D Stage Training, Fort Benning, December 1942  D company, 2nd BN, 1942 or 1943  2nd BN Officers, Camp MacKall, 1943  Tennessee Maneuvers, June 1943  HQ, 2nd BN, Fort Bragg, 1943  D Co, Fort Bragg, September 1943  E Co, Fort Bragg, September 1943  F Co, Fort Bragg, Summer 1943  Murray Moorhatch, D Company  7-Day Furlough, Glasgow, February 1944  Jump Demonstration, March 23, 1944  2nd Platoon, Easy Company  D Company, 1944-1945  Pathfinders, Normandy and Holland, 1944  D-Day Crash Site, Plane #66  MSG Albert Blithe  Eindhoven, September 18-20, 1944  Eindhoven, September 1944  Eindhoven, September 1944  PFC Robert J. Modracek, D Co, 2nd BN, KIA 09/18/44  Heteren en Randwijk, October 1944  Parachute Infantry Training, Fort Benning, 1944  HQ, 2nd BN, LMG Platoon, 1945  HQ, 2nd BN, LMG Platoon, Berchtesgaden, May 1945  Pathfinders Bronze Star Ceremony, Berchtesgaden, May 1945  HQ, 2nd BN, May-July 1945  Berchtesgaden, May 5, 1945  2nd BN, 506th PIR, May-July, 1945  HQ, 2nd BN, LMG Platoon, Kaprun, 1945  Bill Wheeler, HQ/E Co, 2nd BN  E Co, Zell Am See, June 1945  E Co, 1st Platoon, 2nd Squad, 1945  James Leonard Sowell, E Company, 1945  Final Training Jump, Joigny, September 1945  HQ, 2nd BN, Joigny, September 1945  MSG Albert Blithe Parachute Jump

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