PFC Donald Clifton Ross
I/HQ, 3rd BN, Aug 42-Sep 45
POW Jun 44-Apr 45

items from Sharon L. Bunker, daughter of Donald Clifton Ross
(I/HQ, 3rd BN, 506th PIR, Aug 42-Sep 45; POW Jun 44-Apr 45)

Selective Service Certificate
Front and back of Donald Clifton Ross' Selective Service Registration Certificate


Front and back of Donald Clifton Ross' POW ID Card, issued at Stalag XII-A. On the
back of the card is written Donald's rank and Army Serial Number.

Stalag XII-A, a German prison camp in Limburg, Germany, was the main processing
center for US enlisted men and NCO's taken prisoner after D-Day. After IDs were issued,
the prisoners were usually sent to other, better organized Stalags deeper inside Germany.

After WWII, all of the buildings from the Stalag XII-A POW camp were removed, and
the site is now the German Army post Freiherr-vom-Stein-Kaserne, located midway
between Limburg and Diez off the B417.

506th Jumps and Dates

Front of a card, which seems to have been written while Donald Clifton Ross was a POW.

506th PIR jumps and their dates: the first 17 were training jumps, including the March 23, 1944,
Berks, England, demonstration jump viewed by Winston Churchill, GEN Dwight Eisenhower,
and other high-ranking US Army commanders.

Other POWs

The back of the card lists other 506th PIR POWs:

Donald J. Arminio, SGT Arthur R. Estes, and William S. (Billy) Weimer were all from
H Company, 3rd BN, 506th PIR, with Estes and Weimer were from the 1st Platoon,
known as "The Forty Thieves." No information is available for Thomas McGee.

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