Landing at Zon, Holland
3rd Battalion, 506th PIR
September 17, 1944

After less than three months in England, the 506th PIR was to make its second combat
jump. This time the 506th was to land in Holland on Drop Zone "C", seize the Wilhemina
Canal Bridges at Zon, then move South and take Eindhoven with its four highway bridges
over the Dommel River.

Shortly after 1315 hours on the afternoon of 17 September 1944, the entire 506th Parachute
Infantry Regiment landed on one field, and the unit pushed south to Zon with little difficulty.

Upon arriving at Zon, the 506th found that two of the bridges had been blown when the leading
group was within 50 yards of securing them. This caused a delay, and the unit was a day late in
arriving at its objective, Eindhoven. By noon on D plus 1, the Eindhoven bridges were secured.

printed copies of these paintings were donated to the 506th Association
by Bill Galbraith (I/HQ, 3rd BN, 506th PIR, 1942-1945)
Landing at Zon, Holland

Landing at Zon, Holland

Landing at Zon, Holland

From Bill Galbraith (I/HQ, 3rd BN, 506th PIR, 1942-1945):
The crew was exiting the plane from the far side. There is no door on the right side of
a C-47. There must have been one hell of a hole closer than the door. The white chute
is one of the crew. Only a couple made it out high enough to survive.

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