World War II
3rd Battalion, 506th PIR
HQ, G, H, and I Companies
(George, Howe, and Item Companies; Blue Battalion)


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Woodrow H. Smith, G Company, 1942-1945  Thanksgiving 1942, Camp Toccoa, GA  Camera Trip Through Fort Benning, 1942-1943  Para-Dice Magazine, March 1943  3rd BN Section, Transportation Platoon  Para-Dice May 1943 Calendar Issue  1SG Woodrow H. Smith, POW  D-Day Crash of Plane#15  PFC Donald Clifton Ross, POW  Landing at Zon, Holland, September 17, 1944  Presidential Unit Citation for Bastogne  Berchtesgaden-Obersalzberg  Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden, May 1945  Der Berghof Photo Card Album  Currahee Postcard, 1945  506th PIR Officer Cups  Paradice Press, June 29, 1945  3rd Anniversary Postcard, July 20, 1945  Paradice Press, August 23, 1945  1st Issue of Screaming Eagle Magazine  J Plus 54 Reunion, Kansas City, 1946  G Company Reunion, September 1992  G Company Reunion, September 1993  CWO2(R) Woodrow H. Smith, Jubilee Medal, 1995  506th PIR Millennium Reunion  2001 Static Line Awards  Mt. Soledad Memorial Walls  60th Anniversary Reunion  2003 Camp Toccoa Paratroopers Reunion  WWII Conference, October 2006  HQ, 3rd BN, Margraten Cemetery  11/12/09 Memorial Dedication Ceremony  11/12/09 Memorial Dedication Photos  2011 DMOR Induction Ceremonies

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