HQ, 3rd Battalion

NOTE: many of the men pictured on this page are mentioned in the article
History of Headquarters Company, 3rd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry

photos and text from George Dwyer
(HQ, 3rd BN, 506th PIR, 1942-1945)
Machine Gun Platoon
Machine Gun Platoon at Camp Toccoa in 1942: (L-R): George Dwyer;
Ralph D. Fischer (KIA Normandy); Charles L. "Doc" Easter (KIA Holland);
Dean E. "Joe" Winner (KIA Normandy); and Richard "Swede" Stockhouse.

Machen & Shirley
(L): 1LT Robert C. Machen, Sr. (KIA D-Day)
1SG James P. Shirley (KIA D-Day): great guy from Alabama; tough disciplinarian; awesome 1SG

Germer & Boehm
(L): PVT Phillip D. Germer (KIA D-Day): nice guy; always happy; photo taken at Camp Toccoa, 1942
PVT Robert A. Boehm (KIA D-Day): serious; always did his share

Pinchot & Fischer
(L): PFC John Pinchot (KIA D-Day): fun-loving "cut up" kid; hard worker
CPL Ralph D. Fischer (KIA 6/10/44, Normandy): good light machine gun man

McGrath & Winner
(L): PFC Earl F. McGrath (KIA 6/10/44, Normandy): really nice, intelligent kid
PFC Dean E. "Joe" Winner (KIA 6/10/44, Normandy): good man; played on the 506th
football team in England (pictured in the photo at the bottom of this page)

Collier & Easter

(R): SGT Charles L. "Doc" Easter (KIA 10/5/44, Holland): great guy from Ohio;
photo taken at Camp Mackall, NC, 1943
(L): SGT Garland Woodrow "Tex" Collier (MIA/KIA 10/5/44, Holland): good
friend; great sense of humor; from "Corpus Christi where it's never misty"

From Judy Gamble, great-niece of SGT Garland Collier:
He was actually not from Corpus Christi, but was born in Novice, TX,
a small community outside of COLEMAN, TX, where he’s generally
considered to be from. Lived all of his life in and around Coleman.
He joined up “at large” in Phoenix, Arizona, where he was working
with his older brother Dee Collier in the CCC (Civilian Conservation
Corps) mining camps in Bisbee, AZ; but he was born in Coleman,
and was “Texan” through and through.

Thanks to Robert R. Webb, Jr. [son of the late Robert R. Webb, Sr. (SSG, HQ, 3-506th PIR, 1942-1945
and author of Freedom Found
)] for sending in the photos and text.

506th Football Team
photo from the Currahee Scrapbook, 506th PIR 20 July 1942 - 4 July 1945

England 1943: the 506th PIR Skytrain football team

From Ivan Paul Mehosky:
The right guard is
LT Edward Mehosky (1st Platoon, H Company, 3rd BN).
The right tackle is
LTC Robert Lee Wolverton [HQ (BN CO), 3rd BN; KIA D-Day].

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