HQ, 3rd Battalion
81mm Mortar Platoon
Fort Bragg, NC - Summer, 1943

photo and roster from Roy E. Burger via George M. Rosie,
both from [HQ (81mm Mortar Platoon), 3rd BN, 506th PIR]
HQ (81mm Mortar Platoon), 3rd BN

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Front Row (L-R): 2LT Peter Madden; SSG Roy E. Burger (Battlefield Commission; transferred to HQ, 2nd BN)
2nd Row (L-R): CPL Joseph B. Hunter; PFC Ivan J. Glancy; PVT William H. Adams; PVT Dennis E. "Arky" Lunsford; PVT George M. Rosie (POW); PVT Edward M. Renock; CPL John F. Allison; SGT Danny J. Hayes
3rd Row (L-R): CPL John L. Montgomery (POW); PFC Al W. Towne; PFC John R. Stegmeier; PFC Del T. Ripple Jr.; PVT A. P. Rasmussen; PVT Ernest B. Raxter; PVT James E. Smith; PFC John C. "Buddy" Facer
4th Row (L-R): CPL James W. Bradley (POW); PFC Emanuel Scherer; PVT Leo Krebs (POW); PVT Francis Ronzani (KIA D-Day); PVT Harry R. Ritter; CPL Hubert Reasor (transferred to G Company; KIA Belgium); PVT Robert Stevens; ? Marshall Clark
5th Row (L-R): SGT Gilbert Morton; CPL Charles J. "Chick" Stewart; PVT Luther E. Turner; PFC Paul Patchart; PVT Charles H. Lee (? transferred to REGT HQ; KIA D-Day); PVT Joseph Scurlock; PVT Winford Hopper; PVT Lyle W. Rowcliffe; PVT Walter W. Ross; CPL Jewell Beck

81mm Mortar Platoon Roster
1943 Platoon Roster

Thanks to Adrian D. Smothers, friend of George M. Rosie [HQ (81mm Mortar Platoon),
3rd BN, 506th PIR, 1943-1945], for sending in these items.

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