HQ, 3rd Battalion
August - September 1943

photos from Robert R. Webb, Jr. [son of the late Robert R. Webb, Sr.
(SSG, HQ, 3rd BN, 506th PIR, 1942-1945 and author of Freedom Found

Telephone Center

Telephone Center at Camp Shanks, NY: in late August, 1943, after receiving new
equipment, shots, and overseas processing at Fort Bragg, NC, the 506th PIR was
transferred to Camp Shanks to prepare for being transported to England from the
New York Port of Embarkation .

SGT William Pershing
SGT William Pershing (Rocket Launchers)
at the Camp Shanks Telephone Center

SS Samaria
506th PIR on the SS Samaria at the 42nd Street dock on the East River in New York City:
the Samaria was an old India mail liner and passenger ship which had been converted to a
troop carrier. The ship was originally built for 1,000 passengers, but carried 5,000 troops
from both the 506th PIR and the 327th GIR.

Lewallen at Life Boat
In front of the life boat on the SS Samaria (L-R): Audrey Lewallen (LMG Platoon)
and unknown. Overcrowding forced half of the men to sleep on deck.

SGT Robert R. Webb, Sr.
SGT Robert R. Webb, Sr. on the deck of the SS Samaria,
which departed New York City on September 5, 1943, and
arrived in Liverpool, England on September 15.

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