Parachute Infantry Training
Fort Benning, GA

These are a packet of six photos of a training jump that PVT Donald Clifton Ross (I Company, 3rd BN, 506th PIR) sent home to his mother from Fort Benning in February 1943.

Even though members of the 506th PIR had completed C and D Stage Paratrooper Training at Fort Benning in December 1942 and received their Parachutist Badges and Certificates in January 1943, the 506th PIR remained at Fort Benning for advanced airborne training until they were transferred to Camp Mackall, NC in the spring of 1943 for extensive tactical training.

photos from Sharon L. Bunker, daughter of Donald Clifton Ross
(I/HQ, 3rd BN, 506th PIR, Aug 42-Sep 45; POW Jun 44-Apr 45)
Training Jump Photo 1

Training Jump Photo 2

Jumping from a C-39

Jumping from a C-39

C-39 Jump Photo 2

C-39 Jump Photo 3

Ross Landing
According to Donald Ross, this is a photo of
his landing from a jump at Fort Benning.


Envelope that contained these photos.

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