H Company, 3rd Battalion
Company Command Post
Saalbach, Austria - May 1945

photos from Keith Canady, grandson of
CPT James L. Walker [H Co (CO), 3rd BN, 506th PIR, 1944-1945]

In front of CP
(Front): CPT James L. Walker (CO); (Back L-R): unknown,
1LT Alexander Andros, and 2LT Willie Miller;

In front of CP
(Back L-R): 2LT Harry L. Begle, 2LT Willie E. Miller, Barlowe, Bush,
and 2LT Robert F. Stroud; (Front): CPT James L. Walker (CO)

In front of CP
(Back L-R): 2LT Harry Begle, 2LT Willie Miller, 1LT Alexander Andros,
2LT Robert F. Stroud,
and Bush; (Front) Barlowe and 1SG Gordon Bolles

Bush & Stroud

Bush and 2LT Robert Stroud

CPT Walker
CPT James L. Walker (CO)

Stroud and Andros

2LT Robert Stroud and 1LT Alexander Andros

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