Blown Bridge
Siegsdorf, Germany
May 1945

photo from the 101st Airborne Division 1957 Yearbook
Blown Bridge

Last bridge - last shot from "Kidnap" (radio callsign of the 506th PIR)

Text from the 1957 Yearbook:
A blown bridge near Siegsdorf, Germany, where the 506th PIR suffered the
last three combat casualties of the 101st Airborne Division, on 4 May 1945.
The casualties were
PVT Nick Kozorosky (HQ, 3rd BN); PFC Claud W. Rankin
(H Co, 3rd BN); and PFC William C. Knox (I Co, 3rd BN)

NOTE: no KIA information could be found for PFC William C. Knox

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