HQ & Regimental HQ Companies
(including Service Company)

This roster was taken just previous to leaving for the D-Day marshalling areas.

CPL Charles N. Ackers
PVT Stanley E. Adams
PFC John Agnew (Demolition "Filthy 13")
Harold Anderson
Norman L. Anderson
Everett Armento
PVT Joseph E. Armstrong
PFC Walter J. Andrew
PVT Eugene E. Ayers (Demolition)
SGT George E. Bailey
PVT Donald G. Baker
T/5 George Baran (Demolition)
LT Peter Baranoski
PVT Roland R. Baribeau (Demolition "Filthy 13")
Dale Bartals
Rusty Bateman
Edward J. Baurhein
PFC Bernad A. Bausnaugh
1LT Carl G. Bedient
PVT David E. Bernay (S-2)
Roy Bjorkman
1LT Paul E. Blaum
Oniel P. Boe
SSG Earl Boegerhausen (Demolition)
PVT Charles E. Bolt (Communications)
PVT Edward J. Borey (Demolition)
PFC Frank L. Bowles (Demolition)
Louis W. Boyle
PFC Douglas G. Brandon
1LT Fred T. Broyhill
CPT Gene L. Brown (Demolition)
MAJ Carl A. Buechner (S-4)
David L. Camblin
PVT James D. Campbell
PVT Ralph J. Campbell
PVT Leonard R. Cardwell (Demolition)
PVT Lowell K. Carpenter (Demolition)
2LT Clifford Carrier (SVC)
PFC Salvador G. Ceniceros
LTC Charles H. Chase
CPT Winfred L. Cheney
COL Jules Chicoine (S-2)
CPL Michael Chwastiak
CPL Joseph Clemons (Driver)
CPT Walter B. Clement (Surgeon)
PFC William E. Coad
PFC Tyler W. Cobb
SSG Louis Cohen
Chris Combis
PFC William C. Coleman, Jr.
PFC Robert S. Cone (Demolition "Filthy 13"; POW, not KIA)
Herman Coquelon
PVT Joseph A. Cortese
T/4 William D. Cotton
Omer J. Courville
SSG Joseph W. Crawford (Communications)
Carl D. Dalke
PFC Charles A. Darnell
Albert P. Dauper
2LT Everett A. Davidson
SGT James Leonard Davidson
Raymond E. Davis
Bill Davis
PVT Edward J. De Lalla
PVT Arthur Demaio (Demolition)
SGT Troy H. Decker (Communications)
SSG Thomas M. Delaney (Communications)
CPL Ralph M. Devenny (Demolition)
SGT Charles Devine
CPL John W. Dewey
LT Norman S. Dike, Jr. (S-2)
WOJG Earnest L. Dilburn (Communications)
Joseph P. Dominguez
PVT Henry Dziure
CPL Raymond E. Eckl (Communications)
PVT Allen H. Edwards
PFC Paul M. Edwards (Communications)
James Eib (Demolition)
PVT Winser E. Ellefson
Norman Elson
SGT Leo L. Embree
T/5 Robert Y. Evans
PVT Elbert L. Fannon
PVT Howell J. Farnsworth
CPT Samuel C. Feiler (Dentist)
PFC James M. Finnerty
PFC George R. Flora
Dalton M. Fogle
T/5 Douglas A. Foot
CPT George Fortier
Clarence Furtaw
T/5 Jack Gallo
T/5 Charles W. Gann (Demolition)
PFC Ludwig U. Geckeler
T/5 William F. Geraghty (Communications)
James W. Gilmour
T/5 Arthur M. Goodrich, Jr.
CPT Alphonse Gion
CPT John P. Graham (S-3)
PVT Richard H. Graham (Demolition)
CPT Wallace A. Graham (Medical)
PVT James F. Green (Demolition "Filthy 13"; POW)
T/5 Harry E. Greene
T/5 John J. Grosso (Demolition)
Fred E. Guild
SSG Gunter Haimann (S-2)
MAJ Harold W. Hannah (S-3)
CPL John R. Hale (Demolition "Filthy 13")
SGT Melvin J. Hardman
T/5 Delmar Harmon
PVT William M. Harmon (Communications)
PVT Harry E. Hayford
Ken E. Hendricks
PVT Charles M. Hilbert
J. D. Hileman (Demolition)
W. B. Hillman (Demolition)
T/5 Orville B. Holand
SSG Leonard I. Hornbeck (Communications)
PVT Martin Hornack (Demolition)
1LT Sterling V. Horner
T/5 Gerald A. Houde
2LT William B. Huddelson
CPT Logan B. Hull (Medical)
Thomas D. Humphreys
George S. Hurteck
PVT Boyd F. Johnson
PVT Carl A. Johnson
CPL Leonidas Johnson (Demolition)
PFC Francis J. Kalog (Demolition)
PVT William B. Kearns
T/SGT Richard N. Keith (Communications)
Robert Kendricks
MAJ Louis R. Kent (Surgeon)
Elmond E. Kerling
PFC Weland A. Kern (Demolition)
Gordon V. Kessler
Richard K. Kessler
PFC John B. Kimak, Jr.
PVT Stacy Kingsley (Demolition)
PVT John Klak (Demolition)
PVT Robert K. Knox
PVT Milo M. Koehn
PFC Frank Kough (Demolition)
CPL Steve Kovacs (Demolition)
PVT John F. Krohn
T/4 Sal F. Laico
PFC Malcolm Landry (Communications)
PVT Stephen R. Lauda
1LT William H. Leach
PVT James E. Leech (Demolition "Filthy 13")
T/5 James S. Lehman (Medical)
PFC Benjamin Liebman
John A. Lindberg
CPL Lynn H. Lines
PFC Charles H. Lee
PVT Joseph Legman
PFC Robert E. Leman
T/4 Alcede Levellee (Communications)
PFC Louis J. Lipp (Demolition "Filthy 13")
PFC Edmund Lojko
PVT Eugene Lombardi
CPL Thomas E. Lonergan (Demolition "Filthy 13")
Robert F. Lutz
PVT Martin Majewski (S-3)
CPT John S. Maloney (Chaplain)
PFC Alfred R. Minor
Edgar O. MacMahan
PVT Francis Manderscheid
T/5 Richard Mandich (Communications)
PVT Frank B. Mann
PVT Miguel B. Marquez (Demolition)
PVT Armando Marquez (Demolition)
1LT Salve H. Matheson (S-1)
T/4 David D. Marcus (S-2)
PVT James W. McClure (Medical)
T/4 John T. McCormack
PVT Robert V. McDonald (Communications)
CPT Sam W. McDonald (S-2)
CPT Tilden S. McGee (Chaplain)
T/5 George A. McKinlay (Medical)
CPL James E. "Jake" McNiece
              (acting SGT, Demolition "Filthy 13")
PFC Stanley H. McWorters
James A. Melhus
2LT Charles W. Mellen (Demolition "Filthy 13")
PVT George R. Merritt

T/5 Albert Messner (Communications)
PVT Frank M. Mihlan (S-3)
1SG Albert H. Miller
T/4 Paul R. Miller (Medical)
PFC Jess R. Miltier
Lowell E. Minor
PVT Ross A. Moehls
PVT John H. Mohr
2LT Leo Monahan
SGT Charles E. Monroe
1LT James H. Moore
CPT Robert S. Moon (Communications)
William J. Morrisett
CPL George M. Muller
SGT William R. Myers
Willie Nardelli
T/5 George Nemence (Medical)
Anthony T. Niccoli
PFC Harold C. Norris
PFC Joseph J. Oleskiewicz (Demolition "Filthy 13")
MSG Robert H. Olinger
PVT Ray C. Oliver
PVT Homer J. Osborne (Medical)
SGT Frank A. Palys (S-2)
Val Pakis
PVT James R. Parrish
Andrew L. Patrick
PVT Frank Pellechia

CPT Edward A. Peters, Jr.
PVT Herbert L. Pierce (Demolition "Filthy 13")
MSG Robert W. Plants (Communications)
PFC Charles R. Plauda (Demolition "Filthy 13")
PFC Burl V. Prickett
PVT Nickolas J. Puleio
PVT George Radeka (Demolition)
T/5 Andrew E. Rasmussen (Demolition "Filthy 13")
Elmer J. Rasmussen
Vachel M. Reed
CPT John M. Reeder (Communications)
PFC Robert B. Reeves (Demolition)
PVT John K. Reynolds
SGT Thomas M. Reynolds
PVT Stanley C. Rickert, Jr.
PFC Armand A. Rocquin
SGT Richard K. Roderick
SGT William H. P. Roots (Medical)
PFC Amory S. Roper
PFC Joseph V. Rouz
PVT Nicholas Semole
PVT Gordon T. Sanford
PFC Edward V. Satkowski
Melvin H. Scharlau
PVT Phillip J. Schillace
SSG Bruno E. Schroeder
T/5 Harold W. Scully (Demolition)
CPL Warren H. Searcy (S-2)
PVT Paul Sevier
T/5 Carl E. Senior
PFC Wilbur W. Shanklin (Demolition)
Sam V. Shimkus
PVT Oscar S. Simpson
COL Robert F. Sink (REGT CO)
PVT Donald D. Skogman
T/5 Alan L. Smith
PVT Charles E. Smith
PVT Clarence H. Smith
Garland R. Smith
SSG George M. Smith
Thomas D. Smith
PVT Claus Snyder
T/4 DenziI W. Space (Medical)
PVT Stanley Spiewak
Tom R. Stafko
Alexius Stanko
PFC James D. Staples
PVT Harold G. Stanton
T/5 James E. Stephenson
PVT Bricely R. Stroup
PFC Sidney S. Sturdevant
PFC John D. Sullivan
PVT Victor J. Thomas
T/5 William Thompson (Medical)
CPT Frank Thorpe, III (S-3)
MAJ Charles Timmes
PFC Alfred L. Tucker
SGT Louis D. Tuttle
PVT Joseph I. Twait
PVT Arthur K. Underwood (Communications)
CPL Vincent P. Utz (S-2)
PFC Paul F. Van Pelt
PFC John Vlachos
PVT John M. Walsh
PVT Clarence C. Ware (Demolition)
PFC Bernard J. Warnser
1LT Dane C. Watts
PVT Robert M. Watts
PFC Joseph B. Welch
T/5 Francis B. Wilkes (Medical)
SGT Charles G. Williams (Demolition)
1LT Earl Williams
LT Shrable Dean Williams
MSG Lloyd E. Wills
PVT Jack N. Womer (Demolition)
PFC Curtis L. Woods (Communications)
PVT Howard F. Wygall (Communications)
SGT Thomas G. Yost, Jr.
CPL Thomas W. Young
Paul Zemeida (Demolition)

**PVT James F. Green was known as "Picaddilly Willy": 'Piccadilly Willy' Reclaims Place in History

1LT James Kenneth Davis, Assistant S-4, REGT, was away procuring medical, ordinance, and quartermaster items. This took so long that he made it back just in time to scramble onto the plane carrying the REGT Communications section into Normandy.

According to Don Coil [G Co, 3rd BN, 506th PIR, Sep 42-Feb 43; SV Co (Rigger), Feb 43-Nov 45], COL Sink would not authorize Service Company Riggers to jump on D-Day because he could not risk losing in combat any of the men whose parachute-packing skills would be needed if the 506th PIR made another combat jump. However, 13 of the Riggers sneaked onto the planes and made the D-Day jump anyway.

Thanks to Deborah Forrester, daughter of Marshall C. Oliver (Medic, B/A Co, 1st BN; E Co, 2nd BN, 506th PIR, 1942-1945)
for sending in the REGT HQ Roster.

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