Hermann Goering Silver Cup

MG(R) Salve H. Matheson

MG(R) Salve H. Matheson [HQ, 2nd BN/REGT HQ (S-3), 506th PIR, 1942-1945] holds two
silver cups that were presented to him in 1945 at the end of WWII. The cup in his left hand
was one of the 506th PIR Officers Cups. See below for close-up photos and a description
of the cup that he is holding in his right hand.

These photos were taken in early 2004 by John Dresser, an antique telephone collector/
restorer whom MG Matheson called to repair the old fashioned candle stick telephone in
the photo. The phone had been presented to MG Matheson when he retired from the Army.

Goering Coat of Arms

This hand-hammered silver cup bears a finely engraved Goering Coat of Arms and was part of
a table service for Hermann Goering, Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe; President of the
Reichstag; Prime Minister of Prussia; and, as Adolph Hitler's designated successor, the second
in command in the Third Reich.

The reverse side of the cup (photograph not available) is engraved GOERING'S GOBLET.
This additional engraving was done per orders from MG Maxwell D. Taylor (101st Airborne
Division Commander)
before he had the cups distributed to 101st Airborne Division staff officers
as souvenirs.

F. J. Schroder Cup
The bottom of the Goering cup includes silver hallmarks,
the number 835 (indicating 83.5% silver) and name of
the cup maker F.J. SCHRODER.

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