Transportation Platoon
Service Company, 506th PIR

items from David Keckan, grandson of
1SG Walter Neton (Transportation Platoon, Service Company, 506th PIR, 1942-1945)

Driver's Trip Ticket

Driver's Trip Ticket

S-4 request for driver Hartman to transport parachutes at 8:30pm to LT Winters at
the Packing Shed on May 1, 1943, at Camp Mackall, NC; signed by CPL Mulbach.

In May 1943, 1LT Richard Winters was 1st Platoon Leader, E Co, 2nd BN, 506th PIR.

Back of Driver's Trip Ticket

Back of Driver's Trip Ticket

Motor Pool to Jumper ?Field to Packing Shed and back to Motor Pool

The 506th PIR Transportation Platoon was made up of the following:
- Platoon Headquarters
- Headquarters Company Section
- 1st Battalion Section
- 2nd Battalion Section
- 3rd Battalion Section

The following are Transportation Platoon Rosters (date unknown).

Transportation Platoon Roster

1st Battalion Section, 2nd Battalion Section, and Headquarters Company Section

Transportation Platoon Roster

3rd Battalion Section, Platoon Headquarters, and Motor Maintenance Section

CPL Truckmaster Neton rose to the rank of MSG and became the First Sergeant of the
Transportation Platoon, then First Sergeant of the Service Company, and is on the list of
Regimental Headquarters, 506th PIR Officers.

"Loraine" is PVT Gerald J. Loraine, who became the jeep driver for 506th PIR
Commander COL Robert Sink;
was awarded the Silver Star for his participation in
the D-Day battle at Brecourt Manor (for which 1LT Dick Winters was awarded
the DSC); and who was awarded a second Silver Star for his actions in Holland.

3rd Battalion Section Roster

Another 3rd Battalion Section Roster

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