Regimental Headquarters
World War II


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Order of the Day, Fort Benning, December 1942  Parachutist Certificate, January 3, 1943  Para-Dice Magazine, March 1943  Transportation Platoon, May 1943  Para-Dice May 1943 Calendar Issue  Following My Father's Footsteps  Paradice Press, June 29, 1945  506th PIR Officer Cups  Sink on the Sixth  Paradice Press, August 23, 1945  1st Issue of Screaming Eagle Magazine  Camp Toccoa Airborne Memorial  Camp Toccoa Site Today  Currahee Mountain  506th PIR Millennium Reunion  Mount Soledad Memorial Walls  2003 Camp Toccoa Paratroopers Reunion  Hermann Goering Silver Cup  WWII Airborne Symposium, 2004  2004 Camp Toccoa Paratroopers Reunion  Graduation Ceremony, Fort Benning, 12/3/04  WWII Conference, October 2006  DMOR Ceremony, May 16, 2007  11/12/09 Memorial Dedication Ceremony  11/12/09 Memorial Dedication Photos

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