Regimental Headquarters
Service Company, Rigger Section

Rigger Section, 1944
photo from Don Coil [G Co, 3-506th PIR, Sep 42-Feb 43; SVC (Riggers), Feb 43-Nov 45]

Chilton Foliat, England - Spring 1944

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names from Alan D. Henry [SVC (Riggers), 506th PIR, Jan 44-Nov 45]
Front Row (L-R): Lucy Joyce; George Donavon Coil; W. K. Walker; Earl P. Fidler;
Robert Weed; H. D. Porche; CPT Ty Adams; Jerry Santangelo; W. P. Burkhiemer;
G. B. Thomas; George Hull (? KIA)
2nd Row (L-R): C. H. Smith; R. P. Rose; Alan D. Henry, William Joyce; Robert M.
Perish; Rose C. Cristy; Mike Hunt; Marvin Mitchel; LT David Herber; LT Pothier;
W. A. Smith; Eugene Dyal; John Fischer
3rd Row (L-R): Stanley Balicki; Andrew Pleninger; "Pop" Shastid; Harvey Baker;
William Duncan; Cecial Kern; 1SG Norman W. Billiter; Sam Donahue; Tom
Klosinski; Bill Chapman; T. F. O'Donnell; J. H. Donahoo; Bill Polleck
Top Row (L-R): Joe Clemins; Thomas Joseph Bayless; D. O. Martin; Robert Pearce;
Heleodoro Gonzalez;
T/5 John L. Davis (KIA Normandy); Frank Olson; Joe Bruscato;
James Lewis; Louis Montoya; Eugene Baldwin; John Mountain; Mark Sears
(Not pictured):
Frank Bowden, Charles Warasco, Erwin Zahradnick, Ted Muir, Seaton Hedges

photos from Alan D. Henry [SVC (Riggers), 506th PIR, Jan 44-Nov 45]

September 18, 1944: Eindhoven, Holland

From Alan Henry:
There was never a doubt that the folks in Eindhoven were very happy and appreciated
our being there. I would have liked to see the view from the ground as we passed over,
heading for the drop zone. There were thousands of airplanes involved. We parachuted
into Zon, north of Eindhoven, the afternoon of the 17th. We were supposed to keep the
bridge over the canal from being blown up. Too late, the Germans already had. I remem-
ber we went south hand over hand on a cable that the engineers had placed over the
canal, and our group reached Eindhoven late morning of the 18th. An exciting day there,
and we made many new Dutch friends.

In the picture, I'm the fellow in the middle next to the little girl. Have no idea of the names
of others in the picture, including the two soldiers.

Packing Tables
On 23 February 1945, the 506th PIR returned to Mourmelon, France, where their chutes
were packed in the second story of a large stone building along a railroad siding. The tables
look white because they were heavily waxed. While he was in Mourmelon, Alan Henry was
given leave and hitchhiked to Eindhoven to see Dutch friends that he had met after the Sep-
tember 1944 jump into Holland.

photo from William Jeff Koster, grandson-in-law of
T/5 Reese Johnson [SVC (Rigger), 506th PIR, 1944-1945]
T/5 Reese Johnson
T/5 Reese Johnson served in another unit in Italy
and Southern France before being transferred to
the 506th PIR Service Company Rigger Section.

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