506th PIR Medics
Camp Toccoa

photos from Johnsey Cabaniss, II
[son of Claiborne Lee Cabaniss, Sr.
(Medic, 506th PIR, 1942-1943)]
506th PIR Dispensary
506th PIR Dispensary at Camp Toccoa

Inside Dispensary
Inside the 506th PIR Dispensary

Unknown trooper
Unknown trooper in front of the 506th PIR Dispensary

Currahee Mountain Fire Tower
Claiborne Lee Cabaniss, Sr. climbing the Fire Tower at the top of Currahee Mountain

T/G V Jack B. Schlafer
T/G V Jack B. Schlafer "ready to jump" from a mock-up door
during jump school ground training. Jack is listed as having completed
Parachute Class #49 at Fort Benning, GA, 1942, and assigned to the
506th PIR Medical Detachment.

Cabaniss After Jump School

Claiborne Lee Cabaniss, Sr. after Jump School: Cabaniss had left a safe assignment
with the 176th Infantry, 1st Virginia (which had been moved from the 29th Division and
assigned to the Washington Military District to guard Washington, DC) to join the
Parachute Infantry.

He is not wearing any rank insignia because, at that time, those on active duty who
volunteered for the paratroopers took a bust back to Private and did not receive
their rank back until after all their jump training had been completed. Cabaniss used
to say that the Medics got to jump more than the rest of the troops in training because
there were less of them, and all jumps had to have medical coverage.

T/4 C. L. Cabaniss, Sr.

T/4 Claiborne Lee Cabaniss, Sr. did not ship with the 506th PIR
to Britain because of a hernia. He was later reassigned to the 541st PIR,
which was sent to the Pacific and then broken up and placed into the
187th PIR and 188th PIR under the 11th Airborne Division.

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