Officer Qualifying Jumps
Camp Toccoa, GA
Summer 1942

The 506th PIR was activated on July 20, 1942. Prior to that date, a small cadre of officers
and non-commissioned officers were quartered in a wall tent area. These men had already
been through infantry and jump training and assisted COL Robert E. Sink in forming and
training the 506th PIR. The first two photos are from the first officer qualifying jump from
Camp Toccoa.

photos by David Cloud (HQ, REGT)
Photos courtesy of Lamar Davis of The Stephens County Historical Society

On the Runway

Ready for the 1st qualifying parachute jump from the Camp Toccoa runway.

Outside the C-47 are 9 of the Currahees who made the jump (the 10th took the photo).
(Kneeling L): 2LT Arthur David Cloud, Jr. (HQ, REGT)
(Standing L)
: MSG Walter Neton, who later became 1SG of the Service Company
letter from MSG Walter Neton describes the crash of his plane at Camp Toccoa.

Qualifying Jump

Officers making the first qualifying parachute jump from a C-47

Wrecked C-47 at Toccoa
photos from the Currahee Scrapbook, 506th PIR 20 July 1942 - 4 July 1945
The first qualifying jumps were made from Camp Toccoa until one of the C-47's went
off the side of the runway during take-off. While there are other versions of the story,
the pilot told the Department of the Army that the runway at Toccoa was too short,
so the remainder of the officer jump training was moved to Fort Benning, GA.

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