Distinguished Service Cross
and Silver Star Recipients
506th Parachute Infantry Regiment

Distinguished Service Cross

CPT Walter Amerman (B Company, 1st Battalion)
1LT Elton E. Brooks (A Company, 1st Battalion)
LTC (Chaplain) John S. Maloney (HQ, 3rd Battalion; HQ, REGT)
CPT (Chaplain) Tilden S. McGee (HQ, 3rd Battalion)
LTC Lloyd E. Patch (HQ, 1st Battalion; HQ, 3rd Battalion)
CPT Knut H. Raudstein (C/HQ, 1st Battalion)
CPT Charles J. Santasiero (I Company, 3rd Battalion; was put in for MOH)
LTC William Leroy Turner (HQ, 1st Battalion-KIA)
MAJ Richard D. Winters (E/HQ, 2nd Battalion)
2LT Donald E. Zahn (H Company, 3rd Battalion; C Company, 1st Battalion)

PVT Herman J. Cordes (A Company, 1st Battalion-KIA)
PFC Don G. Hackman (D Company, 2nd Battalion-KIA)
CPL Manning G. Haney (F Company, 2nd Battalion-KIA)
PFC Orel H. Lev (F Company, 2nd Battalion-KIA)
SGT George Montilio (H Company, 3rd Battalion)
T/3 Andrew Sosnak (Medical Detachment)
PFC Gilbert Van Every (D Company, 2nd Battalion)

Silver Star


1LT Frederic A. Bahlau (2) (H/HQ, 3rd Battalion)
1LT Anthony N. Borrelli (A Company, 1st Battalion)
1LT Lynn D. Compton (E Company, 2nd Battalion)
CPT Albert M. Hassenzahl (C Company, 1st Battalion)
MAJ Oliver M. Horton (HQ, REGT; HQ, 2nd Battalion; HQ, 3rd Battalion-KIA)
LTC James L. LaPrade (2) (HQ, 1st Battalion-KIA)
MAJ William H. Leach (HQ, REGT-KIA)
CPT Edward A. Peters (HQ, REGT-KIA)
COL Robert F. Sink (2) (HQ, REGT)
CPT Ronald C. Speirs (D/E Company, 2nd Battalion)
LTC Robert L. Strayer (HQ, 2nd Battalion)
1LT Wayne E. Winans (HQ, 1st Battalion-KIA)

SSG Roy H. Austin (D Company, 2nd Battalion-KIA)
PVT Harold C. Boye (A Company, 1st Battalion-KIA)
SGT Donald W. Brininstool (A Company, 1st Battalion)
SSG Harry Allen Clawson (H Company, 3rd Battalion-KIA)
SSG Scott L. Cole (C Company, 1st Battalion-KIA)
SGT Charles L. Easter (HQ, 3rd Battalion-KIA)
CPL Joseph A. Findley (C Company, 1st Battalion-KIA)
T/4 John B. Goodman (Service Company-KIA)
SGT William J. Guarnere (E Company, 2nd Battalion)
CPL John W. Hahn (H Company, 3rd Battalion-KIA)
PFC Donald R. G. Harms (F/HQ, 2nd Battalion-KIA)
PVT John J. Keter (D Company, 2nd Battalion-KIA)
PFC Leo J. H. Lecuyer (H Company, 3rd Battalion-KIA)
PFC Walter L. Lipinski (D Company, 2nd Battalion)
PVT Gerald J. Loraine (2) (Service Company; COL Sink's jeep driver)
SSG Joseph P. Madona (I Company, 3rd Battalion-KIA)
SSG Robert A. Mullins (HQ, 1st Battalion-KIA)
PVT Rosario P. Rizzo (C Company, 1st Battalion-KIA)
SGT Mariano Sanchez (C Company, 1st Battalion-KIA)
SGT Robert C. Tucker (HQ, 1st Battalion-KIA)
SSG Ted Vetland (A Company, 1st Battalion)
SSG James W. West (G Company, 3rd Battalion-KIA)

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