Noville Action
19 December 1944

 1 Assembly area in Champs -- detrucked at 0400 19 December.
 2 Regiment ordered to move to Bastogne to support 501st PIR. Moved out, 1830. Order of March: 1st BN, 3rd BN, REGT HQ Co, and 2nd BN.
 3 1st BN detached, ordered to move to Noville to assist armored combat command in defense, 1050.
 4 2nd and 3rd BN in this area, 1100-1400.
  2nd BN ordered to Regimental reserve in Luzery, 1400. 3rd BN ordered to set up defense North of Foy, 1400.
 6 1st BN moved into town and reconnoitered area to North, 1300.
 7 1st BN attacked at 1430, mission to take high ground North and East.
 8 Objectives almost reached in face of intensive small arms and artillery fire.
 9 Enemy counterattacked with 16 tanks and Battalion of Infantry, 1445.
10 Enemy infantry and tanks engaged our forces supported by tank destroyers. Several enemy tanks knocked out. Tanks penetrated our positions into town, 1530.
11 3rd BN closed in defense of Foy, 1630.
12 BN withdrew to close in defense of town. Enemy tanks repulsed, 1700.
13 Extremely heavy shelling from 1300, continuing throughout the night.
14 Continued attack by tanks and infantry on entire perimeter during the night.

Noville Action 19 December 1944
from the Currahee Scrapbook, 506th PIR 20 July 1942 - 4 July 1945

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