20 December 1944

 1 Enemy attacked with 20 tanks and infantry around 3 sides of perimeter, 0700.
 2 3rd BN defensive line, 0800 20 December.
 3 Attack 0800 by reinforced BN and 3 tanks backed by self-propelled guns.
 4 Heavy shelling continued during the day.
  2nd BN committed on this line, 1100 20 December.
 6 3rd BN, driven back to high ground South of Foy by 1200, knocked out 2 tanks and inflicted heavy losses.
 7 Order to withdraw at 1300.
 8 3rd BN received orders to pull diversionary attack on Foy to assist withdrawal of 1st BN from Noville, 1100.
 9 1st BN withdraws from Noville, 1405. Order of march: C Co, 3 tanks, half tracks carrying wounded, A Co, and tank destroyers as rear guard.
10 1st BN fights way thru enemy tank fire and small arms fire at 1500.
11 3rd BN retakes lost ground back on this line, 0330. Over 80 prisoners taken. Tanks and self-propelled guns destroyed.
12 1st BN comes thru 3rd BN lines, 1745.
13 2nd BN line holds fast during entire action.
14 1st BN in Regimental reserve in Luzery, 1700 20 December.
End of period found the Regiment occupying line at Recogne-Foy to railroad track. Destroyed over 21 vehicles, including 17 tanks; captured 113 prisoners. Inflicted casualties estimated at 60 per cent of the attacking force.

Noville-Foy 20 December 1944
from the Currahee Scrapbook, 506th PIR 20 July 1942 - 4 July 1945

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