Lowland Flank Map
Operation Market Garden
September 1944

Lowland Flank Map
map (originally published in Time, September 1944) from LTC Trevor J. Bredenkamp
(A Co, 1st BN, Commander and Unit Historian, ROK, 1998-1999)

Map illustrating Operation Market Garden, Field Marshal Montgomery's bold and risky attempt to end the war in Europe "at a single blow" by attempting to seize several bridgeheads in Holland by parachute attack, to open up an invasion route to northern Germany.

Attempting to end-run the Siegfried Line, Montgomery conceived an airborne drop in Holland to seize a 50-mile strip of highway, including military positions, towns and bridges from Eindhoven to Arnhem. The total length of the supply line was 100 miles long. If the plan had worked, within three days, the British XXX Corps would have rolled to Arnhem and into Germany.

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